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Fowler Chiropractic Office FAQs

At Fowler Chiropractic Office, we hear many questions from new and current chiropractic patients. We have listed some of the most common questions and answers below…
Is Chiropractic care safe?

Chiropractic care is remarkably safe! Even risk-adverse insurance companies recognize the safety of today’s chiropractic care. The premiums for malpractice insurance paid by chiropractors around the world are a mere fraction of what medical practitioners must pay.

Do I have to come forever?

How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is purely your decision. We will provide our recommendations and suggestions, but in the end it is your decision, we always respect our patients personal health choices.

Will my insurance cover this?

Most health insurance companies cover chiropractic care. Our experienced staff will be able verify your benefits with your insurance company.

How long will it take to fix?

We see a variety of patients with a variety of problems. The number of adjustments varies with each patient and their individual health goals. Many patients sense some progress within a week or two of frequent visits. Visits are less often as your spine stabilizes. People heal at different rates, but we will try to estimate what your rate will be.

Will I get addicted to chiropractic adjustments?

No. Many people feel a pleasant sense of ease and well-being after their chiropractic adjustments. Some feel as though their power has been “turned on.” Others feel more whole or “connected.” (This is what “normal” feels like!) Once people experience this feeling they often choose to adopt some type of ongoing schedule of care so they continue to feel this way all the time. It’s not an addiction.

Why are so many visits necessary?

By the time many people consult our practice, they’ve had their problem for some time. Retraining muscles and ligaments that support the spine takes time. Each visit builds on the ones before. Remember, you’re doing the healing, not the chiropractor!

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