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What to Expect at Fowler Chiropractic Office

As one of the longest established Chiropractors in Amesbury, we pride ourselves in providing honest answers to your questions and clear solutions to your health concerns.

Amesbury Chiropractor

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home.

Your First Visit

On your first visit to our Amesbury chiropractic office we will take a thorough case history and determine if yours is a Chiropractic case. If it is then we will perform an exam and very likely take some x-rays to see your spine.

First you will fill out some short paperwork and then, you will consult with Dr. Fowler regarding your condition. If yours is a Chiropractic case, a thorough examination will be performed and x-rays may be taken. You may then have a short therapy session. You should plan to spend 45 minutes to 1 hour on your first visit. Please wear comfortable clothing as you will receive treatment and any therapies we deem necessary.

Amesbury Chiropractor

Dr. Fowler studying patient x-rays.

Clear explanations in terms you can understand

The purpose of your consultation with the doctor is to discuss your health goals and see if chiropractic is likely to help you. If it looks promising, a thorough examination will help identify the cause of your problem.

A Patient in the Therapies Room

A patient receiving one of multiple therapies available at Fowler Chiropractic Office


Regular Visits to our  Practice

After the investment of time needed on the first visit, many patients become concerned that every visit will be of equal length.

Actually, a typical office visit may require just 10 -15 minutes. You’ll receive an adjustment and any therapy you need.

But don’t think the brevity of a regular visit lessens its value! With the groundwork laid, we can quickly size up what your spine and nervous system, adjust you and get you on your way.

During a typical office visit you will check in and proceed to the therapy suite (if applicable) and then to the doctors waiting room. You will be seen promptly. We pride ourselves on being on time!

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