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Chiropractic is Safe

low back adjustmentIn the words of a New Zealand government study, “Chiropractic is remarkably safe.”

Baseless Concern

Critics, skeptics and those who misunderstand chiropractic often use safety as a way to discourage people from considering chiropractic. Usually it concerns adjustments to the neck.

Chiropractic Wanabes

There just aren’t a lot of recorded instances of chiropractors producing adverse reactions from neck adjustments. When there is a rare newsworthy event, it’s often been at the hands of other practitioners who have taken a weekend course or lack the training and years of education that today’s chiropractors receive.

What’s Safe?

Virtually any type of intervention has risks of some type associated with it. We look for ways to reduce risk by being mindful of rare situations in which chiropractic care may be contraindicated. The training, experience and thorough examinations conducted by chiropractors provide reassurance. As does one other risk indicator: the insurance premiums paid by chiropractors to cover such occurrences are a fraction of that paid by other types of practitioners.

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