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Experience True Health at Fowler Chiropractic Office

Amesbury Chiropractor Puts Your Family First

Amesbury Chiropractor Dr. Paul Fowler is a second-generation family chiropractor in the Newburyport and
Amesbury area. At Fowler Chiropractic Office we’re here to help you and your family feel incredible!

“My promise to you is that if you have a problem chiropractic can help with, I’ll tell you. If you could
be better served somewhere else, I’ll tell you that too. Why? Because we’ll always put your needs
first,” explains Dr. Paul Fowler.

“We love helping families grow healthy and strong together.”

Your health is our primary concern. From newborns to seniors, we’re passionate about
empowering you and your loved ones to feel your best so you can get well and stay well.

Experience The Healing Power of Chiropractic

At Fowler Chiropractic Office, we’d love to help you overcome problems that
may have persisted for years. In our quest to help you heal, we’re continually
learning and utilizing the newest, most technologically advanced techniques.
We’ll create a care plan designed especially for you.

Our Amesbury chiropractor is dedicated to helping you discover your best
health, whether you’re in need of pain relief or your seeking wellness care.

Call today for your no-obligation appointment and find out how we
can help you live a healthy life. (978) 388-2170

Dr. Paul Fowler | Fowler Chiropractic Office
Serving Amesbury, Newburyport and Salisbury Families