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Personable and friendly from the moment I walked in! Dr. Fowler’s attentivness to my needs and caring approach has made each experience wonderful!

Mallory T.

I have been extremely happy with the service you have provided. I would recommend you to anyone.

Julie W.

Very responsive, timely, cares about meeting your needs. Great work!

Nicholas C.

Loved my very first experience with a chiropractor!! Everyone was nice at the office!

Cheryl B.

Staff and Dr. Fowler couldn’t have been more helpful, nicer, and competent!

Richard M.

I love how friendly everyone is and how comfortable they make me feel. Dr.Fowler is a true healer and truly cares about his patients. The office is spotless and comfortable.

I enjoy my visits so much that I will probably still go even when my back is fixed! A true top rate facility with a superb staff.

John W.

Walked in hunched over in a lot of pain and walked out with much better posture and much less pain.

Robert M.

I have had 3 years of serious lower back issues, and have endured every type of treatment imaginable including surgery. The amount of relief I felt after just one visit was truly amazing. I suggest making a visit to Dr. Fowler at the first sign of back pain!

Jayme H.

Amazing friendly staff! Dr. Fowler is so friendly and down to earth!

Kathleen F.

Paul and his team were professional, kind and caring. They listened to my issues, addressed them immediately and are executing results. I am very pleased and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is in discomfort who wants to be treated respectfully and with the highest level of professional care!

David H.

Great experience – I felt better the day after treatment! The doctor explained everything and showed me what problem areas need attention.

Kevin A.

I was happily impressed with friendliness of staff, efficiency of the check in process & movement through the office and the steps.

Nancy F.

I’m very happy with the results & how I feel.

Sebastian A.

I was a bit apprehensive about going to a chiropractor as I did not know what to expect and Dr. Fowler as well as the entire staff made a scary situation not so scary. Very glad I walked through the door!

Annmarie K.

Such a Wonderful staff! Always smiling, friendly and so upbeat! Moreover, I cannot say enough about Dr. Fowler. With his Outstanding care and compassion for ones ailments coupled with true honesty of what the outcome will or will not be was so refreshing! Thanks so much for everything. I’ll be a patient for a long time to come!!

Michelle C.

I feel the wonderful energy of all of you; it permeates the space you occupy and it benefits all of us. I also feel confident in the skills each of you have demonstrated in the work you accomplish, whether at the front desk, setting me up on the roller table or shooting me with your “gun”. Ha!

I love feeling optimal. My body is my friend and you are part of my support group,

Thank You and THRIVE! ON!!
Nina B.

Dr. Fowler took me from wheel chair to walking in 2 weeks!! I was over satisfied!! I am telling all my friends about this company because the fact that fixed me so quickly and expertly is not the only thing you experience here. They always see you on time within 5 minutes, and the staff is absolutely the best, friendly and truly caring. The visit is fast and you are in and out in 10 minutes depending on the treatment. Absolutely the best service, and experience and results I have ever received from any company I have gone to in my life. I know this is over the top what I am saying but trust me you can see for yourself!!

Gael M.

I was able to get an appointment the same day I called. The women who manage the office are by far the best I have worked with. They are so helpful, courteous, and professional. Dr. Fowler is knowledgeable and friendly the second you walk into his office. I would highly recommend this chiropractic care!

Charlene D.

I liked that Dr. Fowler took x-rays and showed me exactly what was going on with my spine, and how we would go about fixing it. The tool he used, he explained exactly how it works and how it would benefit me. Great Chiropractor experience!!

Dakota R.

I was very Impressed with the thorough first examination and amazed at how quickly I found a good deal of relief. I’m also very impressed with the compassion for patient care and informative time line anticipated relief. When your in pain the two things you want to hear is can you be helped and how long will it take even if the second part is an estimation .

George H.

Thank you for a great treatment and a welcoming overall experience as a new patient.

Sofia H.

Very impressed with the professionalism of both the doctor and the staff. The doctor even called me at home to see how I was doing.

Thomas L.

Grateful to have been directed to you guys! Office is professional and upbeat and a pleasure to come to.

Deborah P.

Great experience with staff and Dr. Paul Fowler. Very friendly and professional staff that were attentive to my care. Dr. Fowler explained in detail what he was going to do and his rationale for doing it. I would recommend Dr. Paul Fowler’s practice for chiropractic care to family and friends.

Melissa R.

Very pleasant experience by all the staff

Carol G.

Before coming to Fowler Chiropractic I’d seen a ‘deep tissue’ chiropractor for 20 years. My neck gets locked up, which I figured was the cumulative effect of car accidents, horseback riding accidents, gymnastics injuries, etc. Additionally I’d developed a deep pain in my left hip area two years ago which my former chiropractor was unable to help.

I asked my PCP to refer me to another chiropractor & have been coming here for several weeks. My first appointment was nothing short of amazing. An in house x-ray clearly showed the exact reasons for my neck trouble, and a brief physical determined the source of the left hip area pain-something that had also stymied my PCP.

I had pain relief at my very first appointment for which I was very grateful. Getting a fast and accurate diagnosis has given me great relief for these chronic issues, emotionally and physically. Dr. Fowler is absolutely wonderful-knowledgeable, personable, with a great sense of humor, fabulous staff, and a welcoming office. I would recommend Fowler Chiropractic to anyone.

Kim O.

Dr. Fowler gets right to the point of your path to get well. Also called to check in on me after my first appointment to assure I was o.k. physically and mentally if I had questions or concerns. Not a Dr. to me just a great person who just so happens to be an excellent Chiropractor!

Keith R.

Dr. Fowler is incredible. Hes extremely knowledgeable, caring and very understanding of your questions and concerns. His presence is calming and reassuring. He took all the necessary time to assess my condition, explain his findings, and clearly laid out a treatment plan best for my needs. I highly suggest him to anyone especially someone hesitant about a first time visit to a chiropractor.

Marsha B.

Entire staff is very friendly. I would definitely recommend.
Also my back is getting better!!

Dale M.

Kathy and the other staff could not have been more pleasant and helpful! Dr. Fowler was confident he could help me and treated my problem to get the most relief as soon as possible. Plus he called me at home to make sure I was o.k!

Jaclynne E.

The entire staff including Dr. Fowler go above and beyond to make me feel welcome!

Christine S.

This office is run very efficiently and yet the staff still make you feel like you matter and that your pain is important to them!

Susan B.

I love Fowler Chiropractic.

Elisa M.

Everyone was very friendly and I was very impressed with Dr. Fowler insights.

Lori G.

Thank you for excellent, professional, competent, compassionate help.

Susan H.

Thank you, Dr. Fowler, for the phone call to see if I had any questions regarding my first visit. That’s a first!

Dianna P.

Thank you for helping me.

Melissa P.

I am very impressed with the facilities, the way I was treated and the caring, competence of Dr. Fowler. I’ve been treated at several chiropractic clinics over a period of years and this is unbelievably so far above each of them; it is simply the best.

Mary L.

Dr. Fowler was very friendly and professional!

Kevin C.

Thanks! I look forward to future visits!

Anthony S.

One visit and I’m feeling so much better. For the first time in months I was able to sleep through the night without pain! I was so impressed with, not only Dr. Fowler’s clinical expertise, but also his integrity and honesty, it has made all the difference in the world!

Barbara P.

The staff is very pleasant, the facilities are extremely clean and comfortable. Overall a good experience thus far.

Doreen D.

So happy to have found you!

Darcy J.

I’m not a run to the doctor for anything, kind of person. I was talked into going. With my age getting up there I was thinking I should go. Dr Fowler made me feel like I’ve known him for years. He was kind, easy to talk to and very helpful with answering all my questions. I never felt rushed and was very comfortable at my appointment. His staff were just as kind and helpful. I will use my “word of mouth” to pass around his practice.

Nancy S.

Thank you! My first time seeing a chiropractor and I am very excited after my first visit. I already feel better and can’t wait until my next visit.

~ Tiffany J.

I was highly impressed with the efficiency and friendliness of everyone in Dr. Fowler’s Office. Dr. Fowler was very thorough with his examination of me. He explained my diagnosis with the aide of X-rays and models, so it was easy for me to understand and see what exactly was going on in my body. I would highly recommend Dr. Fowler for you chiropractic needs.

~ Kim C.

I checked out the website and love that you’ll customize techniques to each client. Great first visit. Great first adjustment – not shocking but very helpful. Standing taller rest of day.

~ Lauren N.

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